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Hi there my names scott. I'd just like to take this little bit of time to say that singing lessons are not that hard or daunting as you might think. Once you have over come your first lesson with me you'll find you where worrying about nothing just like i did when i started out singing and giving singing lessons.

With my self you will learn  

1. How to control your notes

2. Learn breathing technique

3. posture 

4.  Learn vocal range on piano

5. self awareness

6. vocal projection

7. vocal knowledge

8. performing live

9. busking/gigs

10. confidence

11. music theory

Foundation building 

Once you have learned the foundation of singing and put it all together and you have learned everything you need to know about music theory.  the next step will be to go and perform live at an open mic night or day.


 Hi everybody i am really sorry i have not been on for sometime due to the last two years 

and every problem it  has caused from my self and many others around the world.

However this is a new start to a new year and i will be updating my site regularly to bring you the latest updates and i will be posting new videos on here via my you tube account to keep you up to date on all aspects of vocal lessons that will help new and old comers to

better there vocals weather it be from my you tube account or on a more professional personal lesson with my on zoom or whatsapp.

All the best for the future