Guitar lesson

like my self i found guitar lessons quite hard and almost complicated but for me now to use those words will probably have you running in the other direction lol.

i'm not here to make it difficult or hard i'm here to help you understand the music theory in general and the best way to understand guitar.  

Here you'll learn guitar the easiest way possible.

you'll learn about.

1. the head

2. tuning keys

3. the nut

4. the neck

5. the body 

6. the bridge

7. sound hole

8. chords & combinations

9. strumming patterns

10. timing 

Now i know all that seems daunting and very complicated but when it all comes together it make for some sound and feelings that you cannot begin to imagine. Learning guitar will open a wonderful world of sounds and a style of your own choosing to grow and play with. Guitar will take your imagination and your ears and feelings to another level. so join me and let music become part of your life in a big way.

this is about learning ​something special and having fun at the same time.

Welcome to my world.