Hi my name is Scott I set this company up on my own as a small business in early 2019. 

Basically all my life I had tried several jobs such as kitchen porter to hotel porter and bar man and many others and also been unemployed for several years but deep down I knew that I was not happy taking orders from people that had larger ego trips than the powers that be. lol.

Anyway that changed for me came in 2007 when I realized that I love music and everything it represents and it's sheer power to move people and connect well with movies we've come to know and love.

So I bought my first drum kit and challenged my self and for the next few years right up to 2010 when I met a dear friend that offered to teach me a few songs on guitar and from 2010. I was hooked then coming forth to 2013 I really liked learning to play guitar more and I started looking for singing lessons even though I knew I had a bit of a voice and then I found my singing tutor which in turn opened more doors for me.

So after nearly 10 years and some hard work I started busking in 2016 and I still do to this day 2021. I cannot get enough of it.  I was approached by a guy asking me if  I  gave singing lessons which I declined a few times then I decided to take the challenge on and today I have been giving him singing lessons  for 4 years now and found it so satisfying. That looking back over 15 years my life  changed for the better.

I have also just recently took the challenge of setting up guitar lessons and it's slowly building up.

well enough. I'd just like to add I know theirs a lot of people out there that love to sing  or try and learn to play an instrument of some kind and are either scared or feel silly or told by people to give up singing  or guitar before they even begin or your to old and for me please don't listen to them like me follow your dreams and make them reality as did i.

Scott brown.