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Hello and welcome to my name is scott I am here to help people over come there fear of singing or guitar lessons if your are just starting out or you have been singing or playing guitar for some time and you find your getting stuck maybe some difficulty of sorts.

then lets talk and lets see how i can help you achieve your full potential and goals.

​Great news update 

Guitar and singing lessons now available at the point​

in milton keynes

all welcome

will be starting soon 

a new start to a new year

i will update with further information

very soon.

Hi and welcome to anyone who would be interested in singing  lessons or guitar lessons from beginner or intermediate. If you wonna take on the challenge of trying something you've never tried before or your not sure where to start and feeling a little lost. Step in and take charge of your life and follow your dreams make them reality. 

You can contact my self on here on the booking menu or you can contact jason or his colleagues at the point mk.

and ask for more information.

do this for you

Just remember learning to do something you have always wanted to do and love doing. You can if you put the hard work in like i did. then follow your heart and dreams make them a reality

and thank you for choosing my site and me to work with you every step of the way.

Lets have fun while learning.

Stop doubting your self and take the challenge. 

you can get in touch by leaving a short message.

  or booking a date for a gig ,weddings,funeral,birthday's or a garden party of other events in the callander on the booking menu and I'll get back to you as soon as i can.

thank you

Coming soon

I will very soon be updating

my site on singing lesson and guitar lessons

new video's will be added regarding these lessons on both categories

you will find the relevant information helpful.


singing lesson and guitar lessons coming to on  you tube zoom and whatsapp.